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You Can’t Appropriate Your Own Culture

By Star Foster

Seems like common sense, right? Yet common sense, as the saying goes, isn’t quite so common.

At Pagan Spirit Gathering this year I attended the Redneck Ritual. Debby led the ritual, which involved Dale Earnhardt, RC Cola and Moon Pies. Being from the great state of Georgia herself, she didn’t appropriate Redneck culture, because it’s her culture. As a participant in the ritual, being from rural Georgia and eating boiled peanuts on occasion, I didn’t appropriate anything from rednecks, because I are one.

To appropriate, according to Merriam-Webster, is to 1.) take exclusive possession of, 2.) set aside for a particular purpose or use, and 3.) to make use of without authority or right. So when I saw my roommate, who is out of town, has bananas that are on their last leg, I appropriated them. When I chose to use my dresser as an altar, I appropriated it for that use. When I bought a toothbrush, I appropriated it for my own exclusive use and no other’s.

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