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Art of Path Working – Magickal Envisioning and Visualized Meditation

By Frater Barrabbas

Finally, since we have discussed in detail the various elements of the Twenty-two Pathways (and the ten Sephiroth), we should now discuss how the student could go about assembling these components together to formulate what is known as Art of Qabbalistic Path Working. This methodology is a rather recent innovation, particularly since the Tarot trumps were associated with the paths, giving a greater depth of symbolism and correspondences to what would otherwise be twenty-two letters and their associated astrological, planetary and elemental associations. The purpose of this technique is to emulate the process of ascent, using the combination of the Ten Sephiroth and Twenty-two Pathways to aid the seeker in creating as real of a transformative experience as possible. What this means is that qabbalistic path working is not just a form of simple guided visualization or dry meditation, it is instead a system of magickal envisioning, where the various symbols are used to build up in the imagination the actual inner domain of the sephirah and its associated pathways.

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