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Mindfulness in Motion

By Literata

Now that summer is in full swing, I’d like to suggest a very different approach to meditation: physical activity. This is a great time of year for people to get outside, even for a few minutes, and combining meditation with moving around can be fun and easy. Please be cautious and adapt any of these ideas to your personal health and circumstances.

The kind of activity that I have in mind doesn’t have to be a big sweaty ordeal; in fact, it doesn’t have to feel like a lot of exertion at all. If you have to constantly push yourself, and as a result you’re feeling uncomfortable and unhappy all the time, you can’t possibly experience it as a form of meditation. It’s true that experienced athletes can work through heavy-duty exercise, but that kind of single-mindedness is not something that most of us are prepared for, and it can be a very inward focus that is pretty isolating.

On the other hand, some people prefer to totally “zone out” during exercise, listening to music and losing their concentration entirely, so that even a half-hour workout seems to go by in just a couple of songs. Although it can be very calming, that lack of awareness isn’t what I have in mind either. Instead, I want to suggest that you try being present in your body and aware of its surroundings while you are in motion. To achieve this, choose something that you can enjoy and that you can do comfortably for ten or fifteen minutes without getting too tired or distracted, like a walk, a gentle swim, or an easy bike ride.

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