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Shopping for the Magickal Amid the Mundane

By Blake Octavian Blair

If you’re lucky enough to live within a reasonable distance of a metaphysical, New Age, or occult shop, you may not give a second thought as to where you can obtain your witchy supplies. However, I often find myself in conversation with those not lucky enough to be near such a store, and they express frustration and exasperation about where they are ever going to find that much-sought-after ritual supply or spell ingredient. In this day and age, of course, there are a myriad of websites and online shops; however, it is also a good idea to try balancing Internet resources with supporting your community’s economy by shopping locally. In reality, the answer to your magickal needs may be closer than you think.

Many commonly desired magickal supplies can be found on shelves among seemingly mundane merchandise. A good place to start is your local grocery store. Yes, the one you visit regularly for your milk and bread. Grocery stores often carry treasures that are overlooked by even the most frequent customer. Most grocery stores have at least a moderately decent selection of herbs and spices in the cooking aisle. The rosemary you need for that protection spell or the eucalyptus you need for healing work could well be waiting for you in aisle 5 next to the flour and sugar. While you’re there, let’s not forget to pick up a witch’s staple: sea salt.

You might be lucky to live in an area with a particularly high multicultural population. The area I live in has a fairly large Hispanic population and the local grocery store carries a plethora of bulk spices imported from Mexico, as well as a large variety of inexpensive seven-day novena candles, both plain and with various deity and religious images. This find is considered a great score for candle magick workers as well as for those who might practice or incorporate Vodou, Hoodoo, or Santería into their path. Novena candles are perfect for long-term and ongoing spellwork. You may be thinking to yourself, “What about those everyday ‘on the fly’ spells?” A quick and easy solution is to head to the baking aisle and pick up a pack of birthday candles. They have a short burn time and come in a variety of colors, fitting the bill nicely.

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