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Reading Wyrd: Doing Divination Well

By Galina Krasskova

Divination is an overarching term for the many practices that allow one to access a person’s wyrd, read the state of their luck, and ferret out patterns, possibilities, and potentialities of their fate and future. It can refer to any number of techniques, which may, to varying degrees, involve the development of the gift of precognition.

Certainly being a good diviner involves an ability to follow many disparate threads to their source, to read patterns extrapolating on the macrocosm of a querent and his or her situation by examining the often confusing and fragmented aspects of the many little microcosms that so often make up the tapestry of our history and our choices, combined with an exquisite sensitivity to emotional and energetic currents.

The good news is that to some degree all of these skills can be developed, though having some measure of inborn precognition is very helpful.

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