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A Misappropriated Shade of Pagan

By Fire Lyte

Certain, very well-read, pagan blogs out there have been committing the same fallacy that many folks in many minority movements out there commit: hitching their cause to a more famous minority struggle. It is a fallacy, a falsehood, because there are never two minority/civil rights issues that are exactly the same.

Quick example: Somewhere over the past ten years, people started saying the phrase, “Gay is the new Black.” Meaning that the GLBT rights struggle is the new version of the civil rights struggle for black Americans. This is not true. At all. Under any circumstances. Black men and women had to fight and overcome centuries of slavery. They were not even thought of as human, by some, and by many more as less than human or partly human. (3/5 compromise) They had to fight and fight to gain the right to vote, to live where they want, to send their children to the same schools, and the list goes on.

Gay people, too, have their own struggles. They are not allowed to marry the partner of their choosing. Many don’t want them to have children – either naturally or by adoption. They are kicked out of their families for being gay or their churches or their jobs. Unlike with a racial minority, when two straight people have a child it is not guaranteed to be straight.

The two struggles are different, though they are both under the umbrella of “Civil Rights Issues.”

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