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Insects and the Initiation of the Self

By Sarah

The ghostly white moths and the persistent cicadas come to my window at night. The moths are silent as the spectres they resemble, but the fat cicadas hum and buzz as they try to find an opening in the screen to fly through the bedroom window. I didn’t know there’d be a cycle of cicadas metamorphosing into winged adults during my visit. I’ve already found a few dead ones while weeding my mother’s garden. I have seen the golden cicada of myth twice, both times at natural thresholds, of course, since it belongs to the old forest gods of crossroads and doorways. Along with the honey bee, cicadas are creatures of intoxication and ecstasy and make excellent familiars for mystics, seers, and wanderers between worlds.

Moths and cicadas symbolize change, metamorphosis, and rebirth. They belong to the moon and Old Woman. She sends them to remind me, to push me, to warn me –all things change. It’s best not to become complacent, stuck, or too accommodating as no matter what you want, hope, or expect, things will always change. Like the bees and beautiful tiger swallowtail butterflies that stalk me while the sun is up, the moths and cicadas also represent initiation. We witches like to think there’s only one initiation (wouldn’t that be so much easier and less painful?), but in truth initiation is ever constant as we continue to experience, learn, grow, and change as human beings and as magical practitioners through our varied, and many, rites of passage. Everything is a lesson, an initiation, but this is especially so of all the pain and sorrow we undergo. As with insects, you must find beauty and necessity within what causes you fear and discomfort.

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