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Magick for the Elemental Witch, by Deanna Anderson

Reviewed by Patti Wigington

Deanna Anderson presents us with the second book in the Copper Cauldron series, and takes a look at elemental magic. If we assume that magic can be created and performed by invoking the power and energy of the four classical elements — earth, air, fire and water — then our natural world is indeed full of endless magical possibilities.

Anderson begins with a review of the four elements and their correspondences, as well as addressing the concept of the fifth element, Spirit, as found in many Neopagan religions. She says, “Working with all of the elements either separately or combined can really lend a sense of ‘old-world’ or ancient power to magick and rituals. Exploring and working with each element separately helps one to get attuned to that element and to know it well, if it is an element that they feel a kinship to or it is of their birth sign it may even help a person explore their inner selves and learn more about themselves.”

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