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Sacred Sex vs. Sex Magick

By Donald Michael Kraig

In a post on a private, sex-positive forum, a person whom I’ll call EW asked about the difference between Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magick. He writes, “I’ve heard many people use the terms interchangeably and I’ve also heard them used to describe two different things.” He adds without defining either that he can do them separately or together.

He received a response from a man I’ll call SN. SN writes that Sacred Sexuality “is taking physical sex and linking it (usually though ritual of some kind) to the sacred/divine. Sex Magick is similar, but tends to have a concrete goal beyond just experiencing divinity.”

A woman I’ll call K2 responded that Sacred Sexuality is more than just physical sex, it’s “the opening of the spiritual barriers we create and allowing the flow of sexual energy to expand and reach a higher level of being. It is not always done through ritual, but can be.” K2 glosses over Sex Magick, saying that it is simply “used with a goal and practiced with intent to enhance a magickal working of some kind.”

I think this is an interesting question, especially when addressed to readers who are not necessarily familiar with any of the concepts of magick, Sacred Sexuallity, or Sex Magick. Here is my response.

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