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Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Inuvik

The 130 or so years that Canada spent “educating” its aboriginal peoples to conform to the European mind-set have been over for some time now, but the country is only just beginning to connect the dots between those days and the damage they are still causing even today.

This week marks the second of seven . . . → Read More: Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Inuvik

Rare white buffalo named

By Linda Stewart Ball

Thousands of people came from miles around Wednesday to see and honor a legend in the flesh — the white buffalo born in a thunderstorm on a northeast Texas ranch.

The rare white buffalo calf, regarded as sacred by the Lakota Sioux, was honored with Native American prayers, religious songs . . . → Read More: Rare white buffalo named

There’s Lead in your Lipstick, by Gillian Deacon

Reviewed by Sarah

I recently picked up this title based on a recommendation from my mother’s best friend. I am so grateful I did buy it as it has completely turned my world upside down (in a good way). This is one of those must-reads that will change your life. It’s one part consumer guide . . . → Read More: There’s Lead in your Lipstick, by Gillian Deacon

Reading Wyrd: Doing Divination Well

By Galina Krasskova

Divination is an overarching term for the many practices that allow one to access a person’s wyrd, read the state of their luck, and ferret out patterns, possibilities, and potentialities of their fate and future. It can refer to any number of techniques, which may, to varying degrees, involve the development of . . . → Read More: Reading Wyrd: Doing Divination Well

A Brief History of the Qabbalah – Part 2

By Frater Barrabbas

Sepher Yetzirah and Qabbalah Ma’asit. From the 3rd Century C.E., the primary concept of 32 emanations with Mystical Names of Power is established. The practical Qabbalah became a system of theurgy based upon an occult epistemology. The influences of Greek Neoplatonic philosophy is apparent in the use of Emanationism and represents a . . . → Read More: A Brief History of the Qabbalah – Part 2

A Misappropriated Shade of Pagan

By Fire Lyte

Certain, very well-read, pagan blogs out there have been committing the same fallacy that many folks in many minority movements out there commit: hitching their cause to a more famous minority struggle. It is a fallacy, a falsehood, because there are never two minority/civil rights issues that are exactly the same.

Quick . . . → Read More: A Misappropriated Shade of Pagan

The Black Dog

By SilentOwl

The black dog is found in folklore all over the world and is essentially a spirit that comes out at night and is often associated with evil faeries or the Christian devil. Usually it is believed to be a portent of death. Larger than an earthly dog it has large eyes that glow. . . . → Read More: The Black Dog

Modern Ancestor Worship Musings

By Star Foster

I’ve been slowly tracing back my family’s history and thinking of the stories my parents and grandparents told me. Usually talk of ancestors was accompanied by a book, either a small notebook crammed with notes or family Bibles being opened. My mother’s father had no birth certificate and the family Bible . . . → Read More: Modern Ancestor Worship Musings

An Out-Take From Politics and The Occult

By Gary Lachman

On the problem of egalitarianism and ‘higher types’

In his last years the great humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow became troubled by the political implications of his psychology of “self-actualization.” Among other ideas, this entailed a concept of being “fully human,” which suggested that, in Maslow’s uncomfortable phrase, “some people are more ‘human’ . . . → Read More: An Out-Take From Politics and The Occult

Oil, water shortages, climate change could provoke wars: report

By Mike de Souza

Critical energy and water shortages combined with climate change could provoke wars within the next 15 years, warns a newly-released analysis by the Department of National Defence.

“Global reserves of crude oil could become problematic by 2025,” wrote Maj. John Sheahan in a draft version of the report, Army 2040: First . . . → Read More: Oil, water shortages, climate change could provoke wars: report