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Yes, we’re Pagans

The following is an excerpt from Barbara Ardinger’s Pagan Every Day:

As pagans in the twenty-first century, we may see the world in a horizontal paradigm, whereas the standard-brand religions see it vertically, but we still live in the same world as everybody else. Like everybody else, we have house payments, car payments, and credit-card payments. We work at jobs we maybe don’t like so much, we help our kids with their homework, we deal with cranky computers and nosy neighbors.

As our Zen friends say, “Chop wood, carry water. Meet the Buddha. Chop wood, carry water.” Just like everyone else, we pagans live ordinary lives.

But think about it – the ordinary can be extraordinary! Because we understand that the sacred – call it Goddess, God, Spirit, or Creator – manifests through us, in us, and as us, our ordinary lives are as luminous as the life-giving breath of the Goddess. When we remember who we really are and where we really live, we know with a heart-thumping certainty that the ordinary is as sacred as anything any sage ever set apart as holy or divine.

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