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Stone Tape Theory

The following is an excerpt from The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal, by Judith Jones:

Are all ghosts independent sentient entities, or is there another explanation for hauntings? Stone Tape Theory is a mystical concept that demystifies ghosts. Also known as residual haunting, energy remnants, and memory imprints, the theory suggests that intense human emotions can somehow become imprinted into stones, bricks, crystals, fabric, or landscapes in such a way that the image of the person transmitting those emotions is played back periodically in the manner of a tape recording. These images may be witnessed by others and understood as ghosts or phantoms. Thus, although they are interpreted as “ghosts,” they are really only remnants or vestiges of an event that has somehow become imprinted on its surroundings.

Stone Tape Theory does not deny the existence of ghosts. Hypothetically, a house can possess both residual haunting and real ghosts. Ghosts associated with residual hauntings are characterized by specific types of behavior. They act like recordings. The same apparition appears at the same time in the same place doing the same thing almost as if on schedule. Evidence indicates that these entities are not interactive and may not be intelligent. Ghosts associated with Stone Tape Theory tend not to interact with observers, but simply repeat a series of actions before vanishing. They are frightening because of their presence and behavior, but do not actually harm anyone. An example is a ghost that continually reappears at a crime scene, precisely repeating the exact same actions.

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