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Beltaine: Marriage-Minded Muddle

By Star Foster

Beltaine is the marriage of the Lord and Lady for many of us. I could express all the rich symbolism of union and creation of this time of year purely in song lyrics and poetry. We celebrate this conception and ripening into Parenthood, and continuation of the species, and continuity and familial joy with great mirth. Which can seem a bit odd considering how little support our communities provide for those Pagans who seek this out for themselves.

Single Pagans have a confusing set of contradictions thrown at them. An ardent eclectic polytheist will insist you have only one soulmate, who may be Christian so it’s wrong for you to look for a Pagan mate. A polyamorous Pagan will insist it’s more normal and natural to have many fluid relationships than a single life-long commitment. Some Pagans will be horrified that you want to raise children in a Pagan religion. Even in something so personal and individual as your sexual, relationship and parenting choices single Pagans run constantly into the “you are not tolerant/evolved enough because you don’t agree with my perspective” from their fellow Pagans they turn to for support.

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