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The Teacher Myth

By Sarah

I believe one of the biggest myths of modern witchcraft and paganism is that one needs to find a teacher. It’s right up there with “everyone needs a patron deity”. Who keeps perpetuating the myth that one needs to find a teacher or a coven in order to be “complete”? I’ve heard both those without teachers and those who lead covens say this to others – that a coven or a teacher are the pot of gold at the end of the witchcraft rainbow. It sounds like a pretty limited goal to me. What about the goals of alignment with deity, spirit, and nature or of understanding the mysteries of the universe? Whatever happened to seeking enlightenment? No teacher can give it to you as you must seek it out yourself and understand it deep at the core of your own soul. A teacher isn’t going to magically make you any more of a witch than you already are or are not.

I’ve had many offers to join covens during my time as a witch, but I always said no because I knew that the strict hierarchy and the degree system would not work for me personally. After years of studying and practicing on my own I finally found a teacher I adored. After getting to know them well, my teacher said something that surprised me, they said “you don’t need me.” I had to chew on it. I was in denial. Afterward I realized that I had been going to my teacher for support, for the shoulder of fellow practitioner who had been where I am before to tell me that I wasn’t crazy and that what I was experiencing was normal and what to expect further along in the future. Suddenly the word teacher transformed into mentor and guide.

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