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Is “Coming Out Theology” Necessary for Pagans?

By P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

In the late stages of my M.A. education in early 2000, when I was heavily steeped in queer theology, I was given a suggestion to join a particular email list on the service OneList (before it was bought out by Yahoo!Groups) called “QueerTheology_BEYOND.” I had many useful discussions and interactions there while it was thriving, and am thankful for having done so. The “BEYOND” in the group’s name referred to the desire of the group’s founder for the discussion to go beyond “coming out theology” in relation to queerness, and the group stayed very well on track in terms of not focusing upon, or even occasionally touching upon, that particular topic.

But, what did the group’s founder mean by that? What is “coming out theology”?

The majority of people in the group were from monotheistic religions, though some were post-monotheists or atheists, or a smattering of various other religious viewpoints. As a result, the theological situation of many people in the group was strongly determined by dominant monotheistic discourses in relation to queer people (though mostly gay and lesbian people).

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