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Earth Day is April 22

By Patti Wigington

Every year, when I post my annual “Hey, Earth Day is coming up!” blog entry, I inevitably get emails from people who tell me (1) Earth Day isn’t a Pagan holiday so stop talking about it, (2) quit supporting the liberal ecoterrorist agenda, you damn hippie, and (3) Earth Day doesn’t do anything to help the planet because people are still killing spotted owls so just shut up, Patti — or some variation on these themes. And yes, some folks get really angry about it. So, this year, I will preface my post by saying simply: If you do not observe Earth Day, or if you have some sort of moral or ethical objection to it, or if you feel it’s just plain useless, then you are more than welcome to just skip over this entry entirely. My feelings will not be hurt at all.

That having been duly noted, although Earth Day isn’t an Official Pagan Holiday, many of us in the Pagan community choose to celebrate it as a way of marking our commitment to stewardship of our planet. After all, when I began walking a Pagan path, I realized fairly quickly that if you adhere to the concept of nature being sacred, it’s pretty darn important not to treat our planet as your own personal garbage dump.

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