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Who’s the Pagan Pope? You Are!

By Star Foster

Congratulations! As a Pagan you are automatically the final authority due to the principle of Autonomy, and are therefore a Pagan Pope. Being a Pagan Pope is a great responsibility, and do not allow the great number of Pagan Popes lead you to treat your position cavalierly. You speak for all of Pagandom and must not let any lapse escape your notice and correction.

Tolerance must be protected at all costs, along with Autonomy. Be vigilant against those who express preferences lest they be intolerant; do not allow criticism, opinion or considered dislike to go unchecked. Each person’s spiritual autonomy must be preserved, so let none stray from the path of tolerance. As each Pagan is a Pope, and each Pope speaks for all of Pagandom, allow no deviation from the norm.

Carefully censor and correct all personal views until they match the homogenized whole. Insure all personal views and experiences are prefaced by a hefty disclaimer instructing the audience that this is not really representative of Pagandom.

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