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Sacralizing Sex: Love as an Act of Worship

By Star Foster

Sex is sacred. It’s one of the first liberating principles that converts to Modern Paganism discover. For many of us it was a divine revelation that our bodies were sacred vessels of pleasure and delight, not sinful or an illusion, but the glorious temple of our very lives.

The Vestals are our idea of “virgin sacrifice” — those who sacrifice their pleasure for their Gods and the good of their people. Sex is considered holy, sacred, and good in and of itself. Chastity may be a sacrifice worthy of respect but it’s not considered a normal, healthy, or desirable state in the greater Pagan community.

Doreen Valiente’s The Charge of the Goddess instructs us, “Let Her worship be in the heart that rejoiceth; for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals.” Homer’s Hymn to Aphrodite claims “even upon her [Aphrodite] Zeus put sweet desire in her thûmos — desire to make love to a mortal man, so that not even she may go without mortal lovemaking.” In Gilgamesh, the ancient Mesopotamian saga, the city of Uruk is described as vibrant with “the lovely priestesses standing before the temple of Ishtar, chatting and laughing, flushed with sexual joy, and ready to serve men’s pleasure, in honor of the Goddess, so that even old men are aroused from their beds.”

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