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A Priestess of the Horned God

By Juniper

I was young and brash, too bold for my own good. I had grown tired of the typical introductory level of Paganism our spiritual movement is inundated with. I was bored. I hungered for something more, something deeper, some mystical spiritual experience, something mind-blowing. Be careful what you ask for.

I coated my naked body with flying ointment; a greasy salve made with hallucinogenic and mind altering herbs. In a small grove within the woods near my rural home I created Sacred Space, called out to the gods and laid down on a blanket.

I Crossed the Hedge, that boundary between this world and the realms of spirits gods and ancestors and met with my spirits there. I followed them in blind trust and in reward for that trust they turned on me as I screamed in terror.

My animal guides, my beloved spirits, left me abandoned in pain and horror. I was utterly lost in the darkness of the Underworld. My soul seemed to be shredded into pieces and I knew not why. I begged for help, promising anything in return, if only I could be made whole again and go back home, safe and sane.

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