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Goddesses for Every Day, by Julie Loar

Reviewed by Rebecca

“Goddesses for Every Day: Exploring the Wisdom & Power of the Divine Feminine Around the World” features a selection of 366 goddesses that cover every religious and spiritual tradition you can imagine. Loar arranged the book to be a journey you take throughout the course of a year, and opted to arrange the deities by zodiac sign for those of you who like a little astrology with your goddesses. (For those of you still reeling or afflicted with concern about potential astrological upheaval thanks to the Minneapolis Star Tribune I’ll direct your attention to the always fantastic The Wild Hunt for their take on the issue.) At the beginning of each zodiac section of the year, Loar assigns a sacred feminine symbol and explains the characteristics of the sign and why specific goddesses were selected for that section.

Each day you’re introduced to a new goddess, Loar presents a theme along with a brief description of the goddess and the role she has played, or still plays today, and a contemplation to think about. What I found particularly interesting is that Loar suggests that not only can her book be a goddess a day book, but that “Goddesses for Every Day” can also be used as an oracle by setting an intention or asking a question and then allowing the pages to be turned at random, opening where it may, and let the wisdom of that goddess speak to you. A use that never would have occurred to me, but upon reflection makes perfect sense.

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