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The Secret Salvation Inside The Abduction Of Persephone

By Morgause Fonteleve

What do we understand about secrets which have arrived at the doorstep of our understanding in books and the mythology of the ancients? Could some of these hold the key to our eternal liberation?

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, represents the physical intelligence of mankind. The Latin root for the word rapire means to abduct, and the abduction of Persephone is symbolic of Divine Nature being assaulted and defiled by the baseness of animal soul and being dragged downward into the somber darkness of Hades, the material as well as the objective realm of consciousness.

The Greater Eleusinian Rites took 9 days to enact. The first day was that of general gathering, during which those to be initiated were questioned concerning their qualifications. The second day was spent in a procession to the sea to immerse a statue of the presiding Goddess into the waves. On the third day a mullet was sacrificed. The Cista or mystic basket, containing the sacred symbols of Eleusis, was brought on the fourth day. It was accompanied by a number of female devotees carrying smaller baskets. On the evening of the fifth day there a torch race took place and on the sixth a procession took place in which the statue of Iacchus was carried upfront. On the seventh day an athletic contest took place. The repetition of the ceremonial (for the benefit of those who had arrived late) took place on the eighth day and the deepest of philosophical discussions occupied the greater part of the ninth day. During this occasion the symbol of Bacchus (a jar, the container for Spirit) was displayed. The initiation ceremonies took place at midnight. At this hour some of the sleeping spirits who had failed to arouse their higher natures during their lives on earth, floated about between the worlds, creating a darkness of their own, assuming forms and voices with which the aspirant initiates were addressed.

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