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Levels of Intimacy

By Uncle Thor

Several major religions insist that love and sex must happen within the bounds of marriage. These organizations refuse to see that there are many other levels of affection. Marriage is not the only kind of intimate relationship. For instance, sexual relationships may run the gamut from casual to committed and everything in between. The only moral issue is in choosing one’s partner. There are individuals who are off-limits, and others who are perfectly acceptable. You would probably be doing a lot of harm if you tried to bed your best friend’s spouse or the town sleazebag. On the other hand, it would not be a problem if you had a consenting partner who had no commitments to hinder things. We cannot make hard and fast rules. People know right from wrong and they know the extra care that must be taken in this era of sexually-transmitted diseases.

Most religions are well-versed in dealing with marriage. They have little or nothing for other degrees of commitment. For instance, what of a brief fling while on vacation? How about a casual evening with a friend on occasion? Heathenism sees no stigma to these things, provided they are handled responsibly and do not interfere with existing commitments. A good example is a one-night fling with someone you just met. You would have to exercise good judgment so as to assure a fun evening rather than trouble. Safe sex would have to be part of it. Like it or not, but serious health issues have clouded the field of recreational sex. Responsibility means using the resources that are available to assure a safe time.

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