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The Future in the Stars, by Alison Chester-Lambert

Reviewed by BadWitch

Future in the Stars, by Alison Chester-Lambert, is written in a way that those with very little knowledge of astrology can easily understand it – but it is no beginner’s guide to basic astrology. Instead it is a look at the dwarf planets around Pluto, many of which have only been discovered by scientists in the early years of the 21st century.

At the time of the discovery, Pluto was controversially re-categorised to join this group, many which were given the names of little known deities from indigenous peoples – gods and goddesses from ancient civilisations as far apart as the Arctic, Greece and Polynesia – breaking with centuries of tradition of naming planets after Roman gods.

In her book, Alison Chester-Lambert explains the mythology surrounding each of the dwarf planets. Makemake, for example, is the god of Easter Island. He represents fertility, human creation, natural population controls such as pandemics, but he also offers a newly discovered substance that extends life, strategies and a positive resilience.

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