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Missing the Point: What beginners learn about Wicca, and what beginners *should*

Part Two: Lessons 4-6

By Kat MacMorgan

Lesson Four:

Wrong Way: The Elements

Our ‘wrong way’ course in Wicca, as I mentioned in the last post, is interested in teaching a “don’t bother to think, just do it,” cookie cutter form of Wicca that’s disrespectful to Wicca as it’s been historically taught these past few decades. So, instead of learning hows and whys, the student is given tasks to memorize. For this typical lesson, the students are told to memorize a long list of elemental relationships. Not only are they taught the elements as if they are used in every ritual (and historically, they are not) but they are also told that ritual tools, etc, are associated with elements. What they are not taught is that their elemental correspondences of tools were decided by whoever wrote their course. For example, a knife, depending on the ritual and what it is doing in that ritual, can represent fire or earth, but if you’re taught it always represents fire, then a ritual in which the knife represents anything else makes no sense. This is why people like me are always finding young and/or inexperienced Wiccans who go “I don’t understand this ritual!” when they encounter stuff outside of their “course.”

Right Way: A spiritual regimen

Our right way course, having explained sacred space in the prior lesson, and ethics before that, now moves onto the next part of living a sacred life: Practicing a spiritual life. Prayer, casting a circle, holidays (including but not exclusive to the wheel of the year,) meditation and the rest are all touched upon, and hopefully discussed in more than a brief one-lesson format.

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