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Deity for the Month of March: Frið, Goddess of Healing

By Galina Krasskova

Most Heathens know of the concept of frið as the balance that governs a cohesive community. It’s often translated as ‘peace,’ but it’s more than that. A far better translation would be ‘right order.’ There’s nothing inactive about frið; rather it is the very active maintenance of right balance between each person, between the community and the Gods, ancestors, and land spirits, between different groups within the community. It is what enables a community to function well and to grow in luck and might. It is also the grace that governs the way in which the community shows hospitality to newcomers and visitors/outsiders. Frið was intimately tied up to a community’s luck and the two things fed and sustained each other. This type of power brokering and wyrd work (for it is both), is commonly associated with the Goddess Frigg and it’s essential to the very essence of ‘community.’ It seems to require mindful vigilance to maintain and when it was destroyed, sometimes only the corrective of blood feud and vengeance (or payment of wergild and reparation) could balance things out and restore frið. Because breach of frið was also a theft of luck, some repayment was necessary to restore that which was stolen or sundered. Frið then, was more than just sweeping differences and discord under the proverbial carpet; it was a matter of incorporating endless diversity of thought, opinion, talents, jobs, personalities into one cohesive, functional, contributing whole – no small task, I’d warrant, even for a Deity!

Over and above all that, there is an actual Goddess who bears the name “Frið.” She is one of the many (but aside from Eir, little known) healing Goddesses within the Northern Tradition. Almost nothing is formally known of Her today. We have only a few tantalizing scraps of information. . . .

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