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Musings of a Hedegewitch

By Juniper

The (larger) Pagan Community and the smaller Pagan communities (within a region or city) are like any community or movement. There are great things and not so great things and maybe even a few things that are less than desirable. Whether it is the mountain biking scene, a local Catholic parish, a quilters’ guild, your place of work or your local Pagan community there is always going to be problems and annoyances. Such as gossip, personal conflicts, poor planning of events, even the occasional abusive jerk. The only way to totally avoid such things would be to avoid the human race as a whole.

Just as the Pagan Community attracts people who are free thinking, artistic, interesting, open minded, creative and spiritual; it can also attract the odd drama queen, womanizer or person who believes that they are a reincarnated elf from the planet Zooboo. Every religion and spiritual movement has its crazies and fanatics. Our fringe element might throw paint on a lady for wearing fur, dress like a vampire, create gossip and drama at a ritual, or go to class carrying a Druid staff. Far better than shooting abortion doctors, blowing up buildings and protesting soldier’s funerals, I daresay.

The modern Pagan Community, the whole of our religions and spiritual and magickal paths and traditions (our religious body, if you will), is very much in its adolescence. We had a tremendous growth spurt in the last decade or two (or three) one that is now somewhat reaching a plateau. We are at that stage where a young person begins to spend rather a lot of time looking into the mirror, poking at blemishes, agonizing over outfits and finding one’s social skills to be somewhat lacking or in need of maturation. We suddenly find ourselves large, gaining influence and even some respect, a little taste of real clout here and there. Some of our organizations are thousands strong; we are creating our first seminaries and building temples. And we are also turned inwards, dragging into the glaring light our blemishes, our difficulties and fretting over what is to be done about them.

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