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Ouija Boards: Portals of Evil

By Mary Ellen Barrett

On a recent trip to a big name bookstore, while Christmas shopping, I saw in the “Teen Vampire Romance” section there were vampire kits, in the “Wizardology” section there were tarot cards and wizard kits and on a “Family Game Table” were the Oujia boards. Nothing says “happy birthday Jesus” like a bunch of occult items, right?

Of all of this nonsense the Ouija boards were by far the most dangerous items. While a wizard kit may encourage a child to explore the occult and make them familiar with the lingo, a Ouija board actually has the power to introduce your child to the devil himself.

I do not exaggerate. I realize it sounds overly dramatic and smacks of unnecessary panic but I assure you that myself and the few Catholics out there who are trying to educate people about the use of these and other occult items have done the research and know how damaging these things can be. They can rob your children, quite easily, of their chance at eternal salvation.

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