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Entheogen versus Psychedelic

By Peter Bebergal

In 1979, for the Journal of Psychedelic Studies, Carl Ruck and a group of researchers–including the ethnobotanist Jonathan Ott and the mycologist Gordon Wasson–formulated the term “entheogen.” Taken from an obscure Greek word entheos–“the god within”–entheogen was typically used to describe an ecstasis or divine madness when the god Dionysus had . . . → Read More: Entheogen versus Psychedelic

The Drift

By Stephen Grasso

The drift is a versatile occult practice that can be applied to many different situations and used in a variety of contexts. It is most commonly used to collect ingredients and materials for sorcery workings, and to seek answers to divinatory questions – but there are undoubtedly a number of other applications . . . → Read More: The Drift

Dark Ages Paganism and Burchard of Worms (Part 1)

By Zan Fraser

Like many another Church Father before and after him, Burchard (Bishop of the German city of Worms from the year 1000-1025) inadvertently did modern Pagans a huge favor, in compiling (with complaining manner) an impressively thorough catalog of Pagan practices continued in obstinacy by the people of Europe (well, at least Burchard’s . . . → Read More: Dark Ages Paganism and Burchard of Worms (Part 1)

Dungeons and Dragons Threatens Prison Security, Court Rules

If you’re an orc or a wizard, you’d better keep your nose clean.

A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit weighed in Wednesday on a matter of grievous import to the nation’s prisons: Dungeons & Dragons. And the Court’s ruling was bad news for naughty nerds nationwide, . . . → Read More: Dungeons and Dragons Threatens Prison Security, Court Rules

Ancient Body Clock Discovered

The mechanism that controls the internal 24-hour clock of all forms of life from human cells to algae has been identified by scientists.

Two new studies in the journal Nature from the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh give insight into the circadian clock which controls patterns of daily and seasonal activity, from sleep cycles to . . . → Read More: Ancient Body Clock Discovered

The Real Occultists?

By Donald Michael Kraig

So I’m driving from L.A. to San Francisco for my book signings and workshops Thursday the 27th, Friday and Saturday. . .and I’m flipping through the radio channels. I came to a Christian radio channel (most are actually more accurately fundamentalist Christian with conservative to right-wing extremist politics). Sometimes things just . . . → Read More: The Real Occultists?

The Goddess Brigid

By Thomas the Rhymer

Throughout Europe, especially in England and Ireland, was the Pagan worship of the Goddess Brigid. She was the Goddess of Poetry, Magic, Healing, Smithcraft, Learning, Common People, Flocks/Stock/Yield of the Earth, and Inspiration. She is identified in Lebor Gabála Érenn as the Daughter of Dagda and a poet; a half . . . → Read More: The Goddess Brigid

Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain, by Antonio Damasio

Reviewed by Peter Rogerson

Damasio’s book is an important and impressive study of the rise of consciousness, and while much of it is of a more technical nature than I am competent to comment on, I want to draw attention to the main theme, consciousness as a product of the brain’s interaction with the body. . . . → Read More: Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain, by Antonio Damasio

Art of Statue Animation – Making a Magickal Eidolon

By Frater Barrabbas

One of the most often discussed and reported magickal phenomenon found in the notorious god-making passages of the Hermetic Corpus (found in Asclepius III, sect. 23b, 24a) is the ability to animate a statue. What is meant by this is to somehow cause the spirit of a deity or daimon to reside . . . → Read More: Art of Statue Animation – Making a Magickal Eidolon

Evolution by Mistake

Driving Force Comes from How Organisms Cope With Errors at Cellular Level

Charles Darwin based his groundbreaking theory of natural selection on the realization that genetic variation among organisms is the key to evolution.

Some individuals are better adapted to a given environment than others, making them more likely to survive and pass on their . . . → Read More: Evolution by Mistake