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Nine Challenges of Being a Witch

By Amber K and Azrael Arynn K

Witches are different, and not just because we celebrate the Goddess and the Horned God under the full moon. The true Witch lives in a world apart from mainstream consciousness, thinks and perceives and feels differently about herself and the universe.

Yet we live among others with different beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, and rules—which can seem very alien to a Witch. We cannot speak for all Witches, but many of us are repelled by a culture that is sundered from nature and poisons the Earth… that believes in a single god who often appears jealous and judgmental… that worships science without understanding much of it, while denouncing magick as fantasy… that worships money and possessions, even as it claims the material world is sinful and impure… and that preaches brotherly love while tolerating racism, the oppression of women, poverty, and injustice worldwide.

We believe that a huge part of mainstream culture must be transformed, replaced, or jettisoned in order for one to live a magickal life. Choosing or creating another way of life is a monumental, never-ending task. As we seek to understand what lies before us, we can identify at least nine major challenges facing those who have chosen the path of Witchcraft.

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