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My ‘Gaia’

By Kviolet

Gaea is the primordial Greek goddess personifying the Earth. She is the Earth Mother and so reflects strongly in the Wiccan’s triple goddess’s Mother aspect. She was seen as a creator and as a destroyer, the universal womb. Hesiod saw Gaea as a creator, Ovid thought that Gaea was born from Chaos and then the original mover spangled her in lakes and mountains, flora and fauna. But Gaea was rarely refereed to as a deity, she was seen more as a power.

As I type this I am researching Gaea and relating what I am learning. Why? Because I had known Gaea before I had read anything of her. I am new to the path, but I became aware of this life force that binds us all, that is us, that is the plants, and the earth and the water, before I decided to be Pagan. I was aware that there is a connection between us all and it is this force, this beautiful thing that I chose to turn to instead of or until I found my patron deities. The simple and clear statement resonated with me: ‘We are one. We are all the same, every one of us.’ And a name came to me, a word that I had known and always liked, but it felt right to call this living connection ‘Gaia’. I was aware that there was a Greek goddess by the same name, but she meant little to me for I did not know her. I used the word because it felt right.

And until this moment I had never really experienced a spiritual epiphany. But now, as I research a little about this name I chose, I realize that Gaia found me. This phrase: “But Gaea was rarely refereed to as a deity, she was seen more as a power.” This is the phrase that truly convinces me that I have been found and not vice versa. How could I know that this faceless Greek goddess who also had the name of my connecting power was one in the same? I do not see Gaia as a single face of figure, it is an invisible force that binds us as one, and perhaps I am playing with the idea that Gaia is semi-conscious, maintaining the balance.

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