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Canadian Affirms Oath of Citizenship on Pagan ‘Holy Book’

By Cara

There is no act more political in nature than making an oath of citizenship to a nation. On Tuesday, Melissa Gold, a Pagan living in Canada did just that. Like many new Canadian citizens, she did so with her hand resting on a book containing stories, poems, and hymns sacred to her religion. What makes this event extraordinary, and possibly a first in North America, is that the book wasn’t a Bible, a Torah, or a Koran – it was a text containing Hesiod and Homer.

“As it turns out, Canada adapted its citizenship ceremony to be workable for the vast number of different cultures from which its new citizens come. In fact, we don’t swear allegiance, we affirm it, a word choice that avoids problems for many people. We also have the option to use any holy book we wish or nothing at all. My group of candidates included 68 people from 26 countries. We stood in a group facing the citizenship judge and raised our right hands and repeated the oath. No one observed or cared whether our other hand held a holy book or not. In fact, most people had not brought anything with them.”

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