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The Real Occultists?

By Donald Michael Kraig

So I’m driving from L.A. to San Francisco for my book signings and workshops Thursday the 27th, Friday and Saturday. . .and I’m flipping through the radio channels. I came to a Christian radio channel (most are actually more accurately fundamentalist Christian with conservative to right-wing extremist politics). Sometimes things just have to be heard to be believed.

The show had a guest who was talking about secret groups, ending up discussing the Priory of Sion (made famous in the Dan Brown books such as The Da Vinci Code). If you don’t know, it turns out that the stories of the Priory secret order were a hoax. But, it would seem, the guest on this radio program believes it was true and that it was secretly coded into a T.V. show.

So what was this horrifying T.V. show? Something uncensored on HBO, PBS, or MTV? Nope. You’re wrong. This most terrifying of secret society secrets was coded into The Golden Girls.

The Golden Girls?

Yep. . . .

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