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Power of Inertia – Curse of the Ritual Magician

By Frater Barrabbas

There is a lot of lore written about fear and conquering it, including the famous saying of all – “Fear is the mind slayer..” But I think that the greatest enemy and most potent foe is inertia, and hardly nothing is written about it. One could assume that being lazy and lethargic lacks any kind of drama, and it’s such a reprehensible state that it doesn’t require a lot of comments. All it requires is just some motivation to get off one’s backside and do something constructive. Where there are so many words of wisdom to deal with fear and sympathetic admonitions to be courageous, the only pretty words that being lazy receive are stern lectures, condemnations and derision. Still, human inertia has its own special category of vice, that of the sin of slothfulness, which, I might add, is, after all, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

“Slothfulness is the mind killer, and also the killer of any progressive enterprise!”

How does inertia affect the work of the ritual magician and how can it be defeated? First you need to know that inertia seductively creeps into everything that even the most industrious person does, producing stultifying states of complacency, self-satisfaction and generally, resting on one’s laurels. This is particularly true of anyone who at least managed to establish a foundation of occult practices and a discipline. The more you accomplish, the less you have to do, at least on a collective level. Right? Absolutely wrong! It is at this point of accomplishment that the real tests and work begin, and failing to take up those tests and master them will cause an internal and endemic failure, making it hard to override habits and inhibitions to continue the work.

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