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Sacred Geometry in the Energy Theory of Magick – part 2

By Frater Barrabbas

Seven Basic Ritual Patterns

There are seven basic ritual patterns that incorporate selected points in the magick circle. These seven ritual patterns represent the elementary structures that are used in my system of ritual magick. Ritual patterns are merely the parts that are used in combination to build fully functional rituals. It has always been my perspective that building functional rituals would be a lot easier if one had a finite tool set of ritual patterns that could be used, combined and qualified by devices for a specific function. If students can understand the significance and effect of a ritual pattern and the devices used to qualify it, then they should be able to build a functional ritual knowing full well what its effect will be even before it’s performed. That’s the whole purpose to using modular ritual structures and building functional rituals from a finite tool set. The following are the seven basic ritual structures placed in the order of their complexity.

Circle – the most basic and integral of ritual structures is the circle. In the tradition of magick that I work, a circle is the foundation for all magick performed. A circle is also associated with sacred space, symbolizing that the area defined within it is considered sacred and open to spiritual and magickal influences. When deployed, a circle will automatically generate a prismatic shape of a sphere, which is the most elementary one. A circle can also be drawn within an already existing magick circle, becoming a world within a world, or a more elevated sacred domain than what is defined by the outer circle.

Pylon – a pylon consists of two points (ultra and infra) with a line of force connecting them together. Often, the two points are established first by the drawing of magickal devices, such as a pentagram. The pylon fuses these two points together, producing a unified expression of their joined energies.

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