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Pagans and Homeschooling

By Patti Wigington

Why Pagan Homeschool?

Some Pagans choose to homeschool because they’re unsatisfied with the curriculum in the local school district. In some cases, it may be that parents feel the public schools are too strongly influenced by Christianity. Depending on where you live, this may or may not be the case. For some Pagan homeschoolers, the decision is made based upon the idea of turning to a more earth-based education, and parents can include their Pagan values and beliefs as part of the daily academic lesson plans.


The concept of unschooling is one that’s not unique to Pagan families, but it has found a definite niche in the homeschooling community. Unschooling is a less structured, less rigid approach to homeschooling, in which children are allowed to learn through life experience instead of by sitting down with a book and a worksheet. Unschooling tends to be very different not only in approach but in philosophy from traditional homeschooling.

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