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Spiritual Healing: Transformation

Transformation is a very classical idea, and we see it in all world religions and spirituality. In Christianity, Metanoia in the New Testament = a transformed mind. The Holy Spirit is transformational, is also the spirit of truth. God is onmipotent, therefore root-transformational. Christ is a wayshower, sacred heart, communion, spiritual substances, et al, is transformational.

Insight as transformational = gnosis, jnana, prajna, etc.

Religious devotion is transformational – a love of God and truth, bhakti, hearing truth from a true teacher.

Real healing affects every part of us; spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, physical. Real healing affects the complete inner and the complete outer aspects of life, transforms them. There is an aspect of eternity involved, so even if we grow by fits and starts, there is something permanent in a real transformation.

Author: Dale Hyde

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