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Modern Mystery Rites and Practices in Ritual Magick – Part 2

By Frater Barrabbas

Five Mysteries – A Definition

I would like to present a theory that there are five basic mystery systems at work in the natural world. These five mysteries have always been present in world, as long as there has been human beings who could perceive and engage with them. While all religions . . . → Read More: Modern Mystery Rites and Practices in Ritual Magick – Part 2

Self-Reliance for Everyone

By Matthew Stein

“Is it not already too late if one waits until one is thirsty to begin digging a well?”

— Chinese Proverb

When you mention “self-reliance,” it tends to conjure up images of an off-grid homestead on 10 to 20 acres, growing most (if not all) your own food, drinking pure . . . → Read More: Self-Reliance for Everyone

We are Born in Original Blessing

By Star Foster

It was ex-Dominican and current American Episcopal priest Matthew Fox who coined the term “Original Blessing” for the idea that we are are not born in sin but in blessing. He is of the opinion that there are two Christianities in the world, and he has chosen the kinder, more inclusive one.

. . . → Read More: We are Born in Original Blessing

Orphism and Christianity in Late Antiquity

Reviewed by Benjamin Garstad

Readers seeking a speculative and sensational exposé of intimate and hitherto secret links between phantasmal circles of Orphic adepts and the first Christians will not find one in this book. Instead Herrero de Jáuregui has offered the scholarly world a sober and substantial contribution which is sure to stand the test . . . → Read More: Orphism and Christianity in Late Antiquity

Memberships, Tithing, and Pagans

By Shauna Aura Precourt

How do we pay for the functions of a community organization and services to members? How do we pay for regular classes, clergy, a community center? My friends at NIPA, the Northern Illinois Pagan Alliance, have been working for three years to bring their local community together and offer services, . . . → Read More: Memberships, Tithing, and Pagans

Antinous is the Reason for the Season

By P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

Today, Saturday November 27, is for most people in the U.S. the “day after Black Friday,” a non-descript day at one side of the “biggest shopping day of the year” in the lead-up to Christmas. That happens to be the case this year, 2010; depending on when November 27 falls, . . . → Read More: Antinous is the Reason for the Season

The Nine Worlds

By K. C. Hulsman

In Heathenry, our cosmology is comprised of nine worlds. Unfortunately, descriptions of the nine worlds don’t appear all together, but rather stretched out over a variety of sources in the lore (such as: Alvissmal 20, Volupsa 2, Vafþrúðnismál 43, Gylfaginning 34). By lore sources alone we are given two different lists . . . → Read More: The Nine Worlds

Vision: From the Life Of Hildegard von Bingen

Reviewed by Medusa

This historical biopic about Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), Benedictine nun, visionary, composer, poet, healer, herbalist, and nature-lover, opens with a scene in a church at the close of the first millennium. Expecting the world to end at midnight, some people flagellate themselves, others pray. Eventually they fall asleep. The next morning a . . . → Read More: Vision: From the Life Of Hildegard von Bingen

Reconciling Reconstructionism

By Amalasuntha

If, like Tiro and I, you’re a reconstructionist, we have a discussion point for you. Actually it’s not one exclusively for reconstructionists, but it’s perhaps most relevant to them. Chances are that your gods once walked this world and were a daily part of ordinary lives. Back then, certain values and practices were . . . → Read More: Reconciling Reconstructionism

The Next Crash Will Be Ecological

And Nature Doesn’t Do Bailouts

By Johann Hari

Why are the world’s governments bothering? Why are they jetting to Cancun next week to discuss what to do now about global warming? The vogue has passed. The fad has faded. Global warming is yesterday’s apocalypse. Didn’t somebody leak an email that showed it was all made . . . → Read More: The Next Crash Will Be Ecological