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Radical Tolerance

By Star Foster

In God Against the Gods, Jonathan Kirsch argues that tolerance is the universally Pagan concept. He brandishes it as a sword of righteousness as he attacks Christianity. In fact, his language is so divisive, you could say he displays an intolerance for Christianity. He’s certainly not alone in this age when it comes to praising tolerance and practicing intolerance.

The core belief from which the Pagan practice of tolerance is derived is that no single path to the Divine is the “true” one. All paths are valid and sacred to those who tread them. By this logic all Gods are true, all manner of worship acceptable, and theological or spiritual disputes between faiths a waste of time.

Logic and religion have never been comfortable bedfellows. The religious experience is an intuitive, mystical, and emotional event. It defies logic. When a religious experience harms us or evokes irrationally negative feelings from us, it does not mean that the religion itself is bad, only that we had a negative experience with it.

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