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The End of the Line: We Must Change Our Lives

By Heather

I urge all of my readers, whenever you have the time and if you have not done so already, to watch the documentary film The End of the Line. It is a disturbing and heartbreaking film about the state of the world’s fisheries. Fish stocks around the world are decreasing and many species are in danger of extinction. Villagers are unable to catch the fish they need to survive, while off their shores, massive fishing vessels from wealthy, developed countries haul in enormous catches – in many cases in numbers several times greater than those which have been recommended by scientists to sustain the fish populations.

I nearly had tears in my eyes as the film told the story of the bluefin tuna, which has been overfished to the point where it is now considered an endangered species. Cod in Newfoundland were fished until the population crashed, putting thousands of people out of work. The population has never recovered. And there are many, many similar stories.

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