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Modern Mystery Rites and Practices in Ritual Magick – Part 2

By Frater Barrabbas

Five Mysteries – A Definition

I would like to present a theory that there are five basic mystery systems at work in the natural world. These five mysteries have always been present in world, as long as there has been human beings who could perceive and engage with them. While all religions have noted them, and some use them in some form or another, it is earth-based spiritual systems that have particularly engaged themselves to these phenomena.

These five mystery systems represent the types and characteristics of transcendental magick that are practiced in those traditions, as representative of the liturgical mechanisms that not only forge an alignment with Deity, as is done in exoteric forms of Christianity, but to realize that Deity within one’s self, seeking to understand the nature of Deity and how it operates in the world. Thus the mysteries involve the Deity and how it manifests into the world of matter, allowing for an intimate relationship between it and humanity.

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