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We are Born in Original Blessing

By Star Foster

It was ex-Dominican and current American Episcopal priest Matthew Fox who coined the term “Original Blessing” for the idea that we are are not born in sin but in blessing. He is of the opinion that there are two Christianities in the world, and he has chosen the kinder, more inclusive one.

There is this strange idea that the world is bad, the material is wrong and that denying that is being escapist. If we are not lost souls seeking redemption we have no purpose, no meaning. How foolish are we to say the world is good and full of blessings? How unhealthy is that? To tell people they are good, right from birth? To say what matters is how you treat others?

What is good and right about ascribing to any system of belief that teaches you to tell people they are inherently flawed, evil and sinful? What is possibly pure and holy about submitting to a doctrine that says you bear a curse, a stain or an unholy defect from birth? How is a God who tells you that it is only by convincing others of their own unworthiness that you may truly serve him? How can you use the word love when you preach hate?

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