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Memberships, Tithing, and Pagans

By Shauna Aura Precourt

How do we pay for the functions of a community organization and services to members? How do we pay for regular classes, clergy, a community center? My friends at NIPA, the Northern Illinois Pagan Alliance, have been working for three years to bring their local community together and offer services, and they’re doing a great job. They’re dealing with an issue very relevant to many Pagan communities out there. How do we pay for all this, and how do we make it sustainable?

I’m so excited to see the work that NIPA is doing. There are Pagans all over the country who have no place to go for various reasons, and helping Pagans in one area to have a place to connect and find “home” is such important work.

The other is the specific topic of “how do we pay for all this.” This is a topic I’ve been talking about for years to Pagans across the country, and I hear a few similar responses. One is the common myth that “All Pagans are broke” or the other common statement offered, “Pagans won’t pay for things like that.” Many Pagans are broke — unemployed, underemployed, on disability, etc. And, many aren’t. I think the enduring myth that “all” Pagans are broke leads to the fact that many Pagans have issues around money. There are other factors, but for the purposes of this post, we’ll assume that this is one of the myths of money-related baggage that hampers us, but isn’t the direct topic.

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