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The Nine Worlds

By K. C. Hulsman

In Heathenry, our cosmology is comprised of nine worlds. Unfortunately, descriptions of the nine worlds don’t appear all together, but rather stretched out over a variety of sources in the lore (such as: Alvissmal 20, Volupsa 2, Vafþrúðnismál 43, Gylfaginning 34). By lore sources alone we are given two different lists of the nine worlds. This makes it difficult to try to piece together or visualize how these worlds interact with one another.

Adding to this problem are little nuances to translation, as well as the fact some of the information comes from Snorri’s Edda. Snorri was a Christian scribe who wrote things to suit the common modes of literature at the time, i.e. related it to the Christianity and found ways of alluding it to the classics from the Greco-Roman world. In his Edda Thor isn’t a god, but rather an extraordinary man descended of Agamemnon, and Asgard is synonymous as the ancient city of Troy. So unfortunately this means that just because it’s written about in the core lore, we have to take all such depictions with a grain of salt.

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