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Your Moon Sign: Your Emotional Personality

By Anna

While your Sun Sign rules your individuality, many people find that they don’t fit the characteristics of their Sun Sign. Your Moon Sign (the sign of the zodiac the moon was in at the time of your birth), however, may explain much more about you, as your Moon Sign rules your emotions and personality, and is the second-most important placement in your birth chart (followed by your Ascendant, which governs your physical appearance). An individual’s Moon Sign describes how they will emotionally handle the characteristics and traits indicated by their Sun Sign.

Moon in Aries: Those born with the Moon in fiery Aries desire action and physical experiences, and act with passion when going after what they desire. These individuals do have tempers, and are quick to lose interest if they don’t find passion, excitement, and adventure in their daily tasks, partners, or commitments. Those with an Aries Moon are extremely goal-oriented, and as long as they take responsibilities for their successes or failures (as opposed to placing blame elsewhere), they can become great leaders.

Moon in Taurus: Individuals with a Moon in fixed, earthy Taurus enjoy a comfortable home life (the home itself which may include several high-ticket purchases, with Taurus’ love of material possessions). They are very hesitant when it comes to emotional matters, but once a commitment has been made they will see it through to the end. Generally on an even keel emotionally, these individuals are known to be stubborn (again, once their mind has been made up, for right or wrong, they are not apt to budge).

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