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Paranormal Investigation Procedures: Getting Your Hands Dirty

By R. Wolf Baldassarro

Perhaps it’s apropos that we’re on to the actual investigation portion and it’s October- ghosts, goblins, Charlie Brown, and all that jazz. But, I digress…

Only after some level of background research will you ready to enter the location and explore. Even still, prior to setting up a mutually agreeable investigation date with the client, put some controls in place for the experiment.

For instance, having the client communicate to their neighbors that there will be strangers parking out front and tiptoeing in the dark with flashlights in their home at an odd hour would be a good idea; police showing up with lights and sirens blaring would definitely slow down an investigation. Your client should find a sitter for any pets because you wouldn’t want the family cat being responsible for that odd shadow in the basement, nor would you want him jumping out of a closet and giving a team member a heart attack no matter how entertaining that would be at the time (no, I am not speaking from experience on that one). If at all possible the residents should have a place to stay for the night as well, to not get in the way. Keeping contact with them at intervals during the night and calling them while wrapping up would be preferable to them contaminating evidence with noises or lights to “prove” their claims, whether done purposefully or through restlessness while they wait out the investigation. The less disruption in the home, the better.

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