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Directionally Challenged Pagans

By Peter Dybing

Some of us have had the experience of helping to set up a ritual site and the gentle amusement that comes with a group of directionally challenged Pagans debating witch direction is witch. It also seems that the larger the gathering the more vocal the debate. We, well known practitioners, unsure of the directions, each slightly embarrassed.

While this situation has brought me much amusement, as a directionally challenged Pagan my self, it also serves as a great metaphor for our own Pagan paths. Our community has grown ever more complex with the passage of time. Constantly we are faced with choices as to what direction to send our energies in service to our communities.

Once we place our own practice, covens, and families first we are then confronted with a “witches brew” of alternatives. What next, interfaith, environmental work, music, public information, teaching, legal advocacy, direct action, education? What is a directionally challenged Pagan to do?

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