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Special Purpose Tarot Cards

By Barbara Moore

In Teresa Michelson’s book Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads, she included a chapter on “cards that stand a little outside the main reading and have an added purpose.”

The most commonly used card of this type is the Significator. That warrants a discussion all to itself, so let’s see what other gems Teresa has in mind:

Question Card

An extra card can be used before a reading to identify the general subject area of the question or to decide which of many questions to deal with. The first position of the Celtic Cross (“What covers you”) is really a question card, and defines the question or situation on the querent’s mind. This is one reason it is used in cold readings where the client does not state a question out loud. Drawing a question card is useful when the client is unsure of what question to ask, has a vague or complicated question or has questions on unrelated topics. The reader can simply ask “what does the Universe believe that you most need to know about right now?” The question card is not interpreted as part of the reading, it only determines the subject area of the reading.

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