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Charging For Magickal Practices

By CricketSong

Is it wrong to accept money for magickal items, services and teachings? Or is it a form of an energy exchange? Once upon a time humans bartered for what we needed and desired. We would exchange an item, such as a blanket, or loaf of bread, for a service provide by the village mid-wife or wise-woman. This was seen as an equitable exchange. Today, currency in the form of money, is an updated form of this long standing tradition.

When one offers a magickal service they have put time and personal energies into what they are offering. How can someone who feels the “call” to support their community with readings, energy healings or classes, without compensation in some form, support themselves or their families? Last time I checked it took money to rent a building or space, to provide electricity, and supplies for classes and services. It’s true that donations might cover a portion of this bill however, are you really comfortable with the thought that some of those Light Workers may be going home to pending evictions, no medical insurance and debt, while providing a service for you? Are you able to say that what they are doing is for “the greatest good” of all?

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