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Wicca in Movies: The Craft

By Zan

In the promotional art, the Four stride toward the watcher with pantherine presence. They appear to have marched out of some portal in the time/space continuum, which crackles with cosmic energy behind them. Their dress is what I would call Goth-Catholic School-Girl; their progress seems as invincible as that of the Chariot in the Tarot. It is almost as if they are issuing a prophecy: Prepare! We are the Wicca Generation and we are coming-

The time is 1996, and these are the young women of The Craft.

The Craft (Wicca’s “Coming Out” movie; the first movie- not counting brief sections of Oliver Stone’s 1991 The Doors– to feature Wicca in its plot) seems prescient now in ways that were not readily apparent at the time. The Mean Girl Syndrome, which features so heavily in Rochelle’s story-line, had not yet entered the public consciousness; now of course we regard such bullying, harassing, combative behavior a serious social issue. (The Craft’s solution to smug, self-satisfied Mean White Girls? Use Wicca to make that Bitch’s pretty blonde hair fall out- shows her.)

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