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Pagans and Interfaith Work

By Star Foster

There are few issues more controversial in Paganism than if and how we should engage in interfaith work. Passionate voices debate the pros and cons. Some are wary, remembering a time when interfaith work, and being publicly Pagan, was far more dangerous than it is today. Others are determined that it is necessary for our survival. I’ve just had a day that has been illuminating, and as I rarely do so, I hope you’ll forgive me for tooting the horn of my own company.

I work here at Patheos, doing both things magically Pagan and mundanely behind the scenes. To get some training on some ineffably geeky stuff I flew out to Denver for a few days. It was a pleasure to meet the folks I’d been working with remotely for months. These are people who are of different religious backgrounds who engage in serious dialogue about things that matter in a civil and friendly manner

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